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The world over, knowledge about Communications (Marketing and PR)  is limited.  Our firm's solutions are unlimited. We provide communications programs that are tailored to meet specific business objectives.  A "one size fits all" approach doesn't bring long-term success.   

As a Produce Communications client, you benefit from the insights I’ve gleaned over 25 years as an employee, senior executive and consultant within businesses such as Mars, POM Wonderful, FIJI Water, Teleflora, eHarmony, Virgin Atlantic, Yahoo! MusicBurberry, Paramount Farms, and Gavin Anderson.

I've worked in Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Tokyo.  As a Senior Corporate Communications, Investor Relations and Public Relations Executive, I’ve been energized by entrepreneurs and inventors.  I've been energized when businesses grasp the importance of promoting, protecting and preserving their brand and corporate reputations.  Produce Communications offers a level of expertise to our client companies that enables success in these areas.

Our clients become our clients when they reach a point when they want to hire marketing support for their new product or service but often aren't sure who does what.  Should they hire an advertising agency or a social media firm, should they hire a PR firm?  Perhaps, they want to hire someone internally?   

We'll help you make the right choices.  If you plan your marketing tactics according to your strategy, your goals and budgets, and your available internal resources, you will be able to make the right decisions to drive your business forward. We offer you energy, creativity and communications experience and support that allow you to make the right decisions in your timeframe.

Once you know what is unique about your business, how to articulate it and how to leverage it, you become less afraid of creativity and more trusting in the communications process.

Former Roll International Executive, Fiona Posell lauds Lynda Resnick for recognizing the importance of establishing a brand's Unique Selling Proposition.  "We all understand the need to stand out in the crowd, but Lynda knows how to make this happen better than anyone else."

Investors Business Daily 3/30/2009

·         PR Agency

·         Marketing Agency

·         Marketing and PR budgets

·         Marketing and PR Plans

·         Crisis Communications

·         Social Media

·         Writing press materials

·         Press relations

·         Media relations

·         PR

·         Spokesperson Services

·         Inventor support

·         Entrepreneur support

·         Launch Strategies & Plans  

·         In-Store Retail Promotions

·         Copy Writing

·         Event Marketing

·         Packaging

·         Management of Asset Creation (corporate identify, photo shoots, recipe development, website development)

·         Management and training of marketing teams

·         Interim CMO or CCO placements

·         PR Agency Selection

·         Spokesperson Selection

·         Media Training

·         Nutritional Messaging

·         Scientific Reviews

·         White Papers

When it comes to "standing out", shouting is rarely your best option (although screaming sometimes works!).  What works for one client doesn't necessarily work for others.  What worked 5 years ago, may not work now. 


Let me share an example of this and why new approaches must constantly be explored.  I first started working for POM Wonderful in 2002 and in 2003 developed a press kit for the fresh pomegranate business that was startling in its brilliance and uniqueness (my assistant takes huge credit for this). It ultimately paled in comparison to what was created over the next few years but it was an amazing way to get the simple pomegranate fruit some well-deserved attention.  In the March 2004 issue of House & Garden magazine (circulation 922,482), an editor wrote about the impact that our first fresh pomegranate press kit had on her.  It was the first time I'd ever heard an editor comment about a press kit, saying “It made an impression.” Wow.  In 2006, two years later, the amazing press kit had become a creative masterpiece (not handmade like the one in 2004) and it justifiably received more accolades.  The Washington Post, with its circulation of 724,242 (the 5th largest daily newspaper in the United States) wrote about it!  By 2008, as times changed, so did the press kit format.  The physical press kit was replaced by an electronic version.  We had our moment, we stood out, and then we found other ways to “stand out.”Nowadays, even the value of a press release is often challenged let alone a full-blown press kit!

Finally, it's a truism that it takes time to build your brand and corporate reputation through effective communications and marketing efforts.  Trust me when I say that your consumers and other key audiences will notice (and appreciate) your communication efforts long before others do. This means success.  PR Week eventually recognized my team's accomplishments between 2002 and 2007 when working for Roll Global but they recognized them in 2009 by voting the team "the in-house team" of the year!  Be patient. 

If we can be of service to you, please contact us.  Thank you for your interest in Produce Communications.

*Lynda Resnick, co-owns POM Wonderful, FIJI Water, Paramount Farms and Teleflora

A word about Media Relations

Media relations or press relations are an important part of the year-round communications effort demanding significant skills. But media relations isn't about who you know and your last press clipping. Just because one of our clients made Oprah's O list, or Charlie Rose or was in BusinessWeek doesn't mean that we can do the same for you.  Media relations is part of an integrated communications approach and it's a very artful and demanding process.  We can guide the  integration of media relations into the marketing and communications mix.  This allows for greater results, and better work.  The twist and added benefit is that we understand the power of communication and can create a dialogue about you, your business, your service or your product among those audiences that you're seeking to influence and we won't limit our efforts to media relations.  

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