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An award winning team runs Produce Communications Inc., a US-based Marketing and Communications Consulting Firm located in Los Angeles, California. (Winner of 2009 PR Week Award If you are an inventor or an entrepreneur you are in the right place.  We provide senior level communications and marketing counsel to growth companies across varied industries and time zones.  We have extensive experience launching new products and services in the US, Canada, Asia, Japan and Europe.  We can help you and your team prioritize, gain clarity as to effective marketing strategies and achieve projected growth. 

8 Reasons Why You'd Hire Us

  1. You're looking for an extraordinary partner to help start, challenge, invigorate and augment your communications and marketing efforts.
  2. We know how to "produce communications;" how to create and stimulate news, chatter and conversations with consumers that should know what you are doing.
  3. We ensure that your communications goals mesh with your business objectives.
  4. We provide budget conscious solutions.
  5. We have robust experience in media relations and can guide your PR efforts.
  6. We've worked in the trenches and in the "C" suite.  We can be your interim head of Marketing or Communications during transition periods.
  7. We're masters of tactical execution as well as strategy.  Implementation is as important as strategic planning.
  8. We're experienced and tell it like it is. Our experience allows you to be confident in our counsel.

Our sweet spot is working with clients who have ambitious growth plans and who are entrepreneurially minded.  Our clients want to develop a solid understanding of how marketing and communications can support business growth and success. Our best clients usually don't know what they want but they are confident enough  to recognize this and appreciate our experience and collaborative approach.   

For all clients, we are an extension of the marketing department offering both strategic leadership and enabling tactical execution on a variety of communications and marketing projects.  We are also available to temporarily fill a leadership void in the marketing area and have been hired as both interim heads of Communications and Marketing.  On occasion, if the marketing strategy merits press outreach, we are hired for our media relations expertise.  We are also called upon to provide corporate and brand communications counsel as well as crisis communication and issues management advice.  Since we have experience hiring and building internal teams, we will always exit the business having helped ensure the right resources are in place.

It takes a team effort to make a business successful and we work hard to contribute to that success.  

Our mission statement

Produce Communications offers the benefits of an in-house, senior-level,  communications and marketing partner at a fraction of the cost of larger agencies. We produce messages and platforms for communication.  We build and recommend programs that stimulate chatter and conversations among audiences who need to understand your business and whose voice should positively impact your success.  We leverage public relations and low-budget brand marketing tactics and we know how to work without big advertising budgets.  We apply our creative curiosity and communications savvy to support business goals. We proudly leverage our confidence and our "gut instincts", recognizing that these are borne out of valuable business experiences. Experience, confidence and maturity form the foundations of our business. We enable our clients to prosper, grow and shine. Our teams thrive in healthy, productive and positive work environments and we partner with clients who share this commitment.

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Health & Wellness is a theme that transcends much of our work.  Butterflies only thrive in healthy environments - much like all of us - and so butterflies are symbolic of the environment that we seek for ourselves and our clients.

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