We all know that the silos of marketing have melded together over the past 10 years.  I just read this description of Social Media.  Replace Social with PR and you know all there is to know.  PR is a tremendous art, that has long been unrecognized because it is earned, rather than paid for. Traditional marketers didn't know how to "earn" consumer attention because they didn't need to know.  They left that to the PR pros, preferring instead to spend hefty $$ against advertising.  "....But it’s also true that a central part of social media’s value proposition has always been that tantalizing prospect of “earned” media. The idea that when brands make the effort to play with consumers on a level social playing field, they can reap benefits in the form of greater exposure and incremental reach, free of cost, if only they can produce the right content in the right context." Thanks Erik Sass at Mediapost for this quote!