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I wanna be the next POM Wonderful

Posted by Fiona Posell on Wednesday, August 5, 2009, In : Magical Marketing 
So you wanna be the next POM Wonderful eh?  You're talking to me because you know that I was responsible for Corporate Communications for POM, working as part of the management team for 6 years.  You think you know how much the "non-paid for" marketing efforts, for which I was responsible, (read management of media relations, public relations, social media, health & wellness marketing, customer service, event integration, brand promotions, brand partnerships, recipe development, international...
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Thought for the day

Posted by Fiona Posell on Thursday, June 25, 2009, In : Thought for the day 

If plastic bottles are really as good at keeping products protected from contaminants, why are most dried herbs still packaged in glass?  I love glass. 

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Founder. Produce Communications Inc.

Passionate about the power of public relations (communicating with relevance to all key audiences - not just the media,) I've a lot to share about this much maligned, mis-understood and under-utilized profession. If you face daily communication challenges; as a business owner or head of a corporate communications, PR or marketing department, you'll probably enjoy my insights, rants and musings. I'm particularly excited by social media. But not for the reasons you might expect. Not as a tool in and of itself but because it is sparking age-old and very important debates and increasing awareness and respect for the public relations function. At a time when we run the risk of being even more bamboozled by marketing speak, my mission remains to offer some clarity of thought and a smidgen of humor.