Happy New Year - Welcome 2010

January 2, 2010
How many unopened e-mails do you have remaining from 2009?  Wish yourself a happy New Year and clear them out! 


Be curious!

October 6, 2009
'There is no shame in not knowing; the shame lies in not finding out.’  Apparently, this is a Russian proverb!

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I wanna be the next POM Wonderful

August 5, 2009
So you wanna be the next POM Wonderful eh?  You're talking to me because you know that I was responsible for Corporate Communications for POM, working as part of the management team for 6 years.  You think you know how much the "non-paid for" marketing efforts, for which I was responsible, (read management of media relations, public relations, social media, health & wellness marketing, customer service, event integration, brand promotions, brand partnerships, recipe development, international...
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Social Media - Stirring up traditional media issues!

July 28, 2009
The more experienced we are, the more life repeats itself - right?  Mommy bloggers.  Love 'em.  Vocal and increasingly perceived as powerful in their sphere of influence, at least by marketers.  But when you listen to their complaints about being contacted inappropriately by marketing & PR firms, about being pitched off topics and then you hear the complaints on the other side about them not maintaining the "chinese wall" that exists between editorial and advertising content and their prefere...
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Thought for the day

June 25, 2009

If plastic bottles are really as good at keeping products protected from contaminants, why are most dried herbs still packaged in glass?  I love glass. 

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Founder. Produce Communications Inc.

Passionate about the power of public relations (communicating with relevance to all key audiences - not just the media,) I've a lot to share about this much maligned, mis-understood and under-utilized profession. If you face daily communication challenges; as a business owner or head of a corporate communications, PR or marketing department, you'll probably enjoy my insights, rants and musings. I'm particularly excited by social media. But not for the reasons you might expect. Not as a tool in and of itself but because it is sparking age-old and very important debates and increasing awareness and respect for the public relations function. At a time when we run the risk of being even more bamboozled by marketing speak, my mission remains to offer some clarity of thought and a smidgen of humor.