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It’s A Barbecue Sauce And A Spray Cleaner!

January 4, 2010

All that's missing is a Mr. Yuk sticker!

Flicking through a recent issue of Food & Beverage Packaging, I stumbled across this new packaging for barbecue sauce and nearly fell off my chair. At first I thought it was a tribute to the famous SNL “it’s a floor wax and a desert topping” skit. But no, this was barbecue sauce in the exact same bottle that is most often used for industrial cleaners and household cleaning chemicals!

Now I love it when new uses can be created from familiar objects – wine in a can, milk cartons reflecting old fashion dairy bottles, etc. But aren’t we forgetting some basic design cues that we have used to not only educate but also guide consumers so that they don’t confuse the gravy with the motor oil. Although marketed as “innovative” by the sauce company, I think this is the kind of innovation we should think twice about. Perhaps this is another indication on how far our economy and even design thinking has fallen, since it seems more like they flicked through the industrial supply catalog and said “hey, how ’bout we put it in this?” In either case, let’s create more “a-ha” in the packaging, rather then “oh-no”. I’d hate to spray my chicken with Mr. Clean because I forgot which bottle was which.

Ever baste a chicken with scrubbing bubbles?

And finally, which aisle does this belong? Should it be stored under the sink or on the pantry shelf? And doesn’t this need a Mr. Yuk sticker?