So you wanna be the next POM Wonderful eh?  You're talking to me because you know that I was responsible for Corporate Communications for POM, working as part of the management team for 6 years.  You think you know how much the "non-paid for" marketing efforts, for which I was responsible, (read management of media relations, public relations, social media, health & wellness marketing, customer service, event integration, brand promotions, brand partnerships, recipe development, international public relations, crisis management and exclude print advertising and packaging) made the brand what it is today.  But, before you ask me to perform my magical marketing touch on your brand....ask yourself one question and then tell me that you still want to be POM Wonderful.  What about your product will make it a success? 

There are many reasons why POM Wonderful is considered a success story but there is only one reason why consumers keep buying's delicious and tastes SO much better than any other 100% pomegranate juice on the market.  This matters because, at the end of the day, creating a product that has longevity is something that everyone ultimately aspires to. Trends are important in every industry but everyone knows that they don't last. 

So, what was that you were going tell me that will make your business a success?
As you think about this, enjoy a glass of POM Wonderful pomegranate juice.  Savour its exquisite taste and know and appreciate that a lot more than 6 pomegranates went into each and bottle!?  If you're getting my point, you'll see my sweat in there (along with many other folks' and maybe even a few severed heads).  If you get the picture, perhaps you have the vision -so let's talk!!  Are you the next POM Wonderful (metaphorically speaking....of course).